We sell a variety of carpet types, including plush, frieze, Berber, and commercial grade.

It is recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, high-traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning.

One benefit for choosing carpet for their flooring in Minnesota would be that carpet is usually warmer than floor. Making it more comfortable to walk on in the winter time without footwear.

There are few steps we follow when installing carpet:

  • Removal of doors to ensure they are not damaged in the process
  • Removal of furniture if necessary (optional, added fee for this service)
  • Carpet tack strip installation
  • If the subfloor is plywood then the carpet pad would be stapled down.
  • 2nd option if the subfloor is plywood would be to use duct tape to seal all carpet pad seams in case you use a waterproof pad. This helps ensure less moisture reaches the subfloor. Odors also tend to not reach the subfloor as compared to normal carpet pad. 
  • The next step would be the installation of carpet and making seams if necessary. 
  • Return all doors and furniture that was moved prior. 
  • Vacuum all spaces that are finished with carpet to leave it looking new!

If the owner is alright with this then yes. If the floor is solid then it will work. Floating floors will not work for having carpet installed over them. This is due when we use the power stretcher the floating floor breaks and is not safe to walk on once it has broken or cracked open.

We use a power stretcher for most jobs. When furniture is moved it does make bubbles or waves in the carpet when just a carpet knee kicker is used. Using the power stretcher vs the carpet knee kicker means that since it uses more power it will provide a better stretch of the carpet. This helps ensure that the carpet does not come loose or begin to loosen up.

For this we would first of all ask the homeowner what exactly they are interested in getting installed. Second we would provide a professional opinion of what is popular at the moment or what is typically used in this area. For example if it were for the kitchen or the bathroom we would recommend options that are waterproof for those areas. If it were for areas such as the office or the living room some options we would recommend would be material that is scratch resistant.

We would provide samples for you if you decided to purchase material from us. This way we can show you options that may best fit your color, design, or aesthetic look you are looking to achieve. Of course we would help guide you as to what would be the best for different areas such as waterproof material for areas with pets or laundry rooms.

Floor demolition is the removal of any floor whether its tile, hardwood, subfloors or any other type of floor. Floor demolition may be used to expand areas such as combining the kitchen with the living room and then using the same material during the installation. Removing any type of floor, tile, or subfloor would give more options and new found space to install new material whether its floor or carpet. Removal of the floor allows floor leveling if that is what you are looking to get done.

Yes, floor demolition can be messy, but one of the ways to help avoid that is to use the right tools and techniques to help reduce the chances of a mess being made or pieces flying off from removing a certain floor. We also cover the surrounding areas we work in with plastic to help reduce the dust that comes off from removing things such as ceramic tile.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in the carpet and floor industry. The time to complete a floor demolition project is based on the size and complexity of the job itself. We have the newest and most efficient tools and equipment necessary to get the job done in the shortest amount of time. We have the necessary amount of staff needed to get most if not all jobs done. 
  • Yes, we have different commercial materials in stock to suit your needs. We can provide samples for you to choose from. We also provide our expert opinion on what you should get based on the amount of foot traffic received. We have worked in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and many other commercial buildings so we can help guide you based on your needs.  
  • Yes we have options for all rooms in the home. We bring the samples to you. We can help guide through our selection of material we provide for a fee. We can provide a professional opinion of what should be used in what areas and also give you some examples of what is typically used in homes today.
  • Real hardwood flooring which is typically ¾ inch and can be refinished typically between 1-5 times over the life of the floor. Since you can refinish the floor this means you can stain the floor to a different color to suit your tastes without changing out the entire floor.

Please see our About Us page for examples of previous work we have done for both residential and commercial floor installations. There is a gallery showing some of our work. Click here to view it now.

Yes, we can provide a rough estimate for floor demolition projects. We first have to take measurements ourselves to ensure that all measurements are correct. Then based on that we can figure out the total number of Sq Ft the project is. Then based on that we can provide a rough estimate of the cost for floor demolition based on the amount of Sq Ft needed to be removed. We cannot guarantee that the price will not change. Some things that may affect price such as more layers needed to be removed underneath the current floor. Please contact us for more information. 

We go out of our way to make sure that seams looks as seamless as possible. We strive for excellence by spending more time cutting and splitting fibers in the carpet where the seam will go, leaving it looking as close to invisible as possible. Some carpets do have patterns or fibers that make it very difficult to match. We do try to go out of our way to make it look the best it can. Attention to detail is what makes us a top quality carpet installation company.

Typically we have seen our carpet installation last 5-10 years before it becomes loose. This time may vary depending on many different factors and it may be less or more than what we typically see at 5-10 years. Some factors may include the amount of traffic in the area, moving of furniture, and many other things.